Last Monday I went to a meeting with my lovely sister from church. She invited me because I asked for her input on my book. The group, from what I learned once I got there, is one of many all over the country called Word Weavers International. The rule is: observe two meetings, then have the option of joining. Well, after one I’m already sold! Its a group for Christian writers of any kind to gather and have the chance opportunity for critique of their work.

I have been craving some academia after being out of school for almost 3 years now and I feel like this is going to be that outlet for me. Besides it motivated me to write more. If I’m reminded that other people are actually reading what I’m writing, it makes me want to keep writing. And I get to critique other people’s work, my happy place. Like I’ve said before and even said to them, I feel like I’m a better editor than writer. It’s so much easier to look at a work from a distance when it’s not your own work!

This is an exciting opportunity because I feel like this is something really just for me to enjoy. I enjoy everything I do, some things more than others, of course. But this I feel like will be something I do on my own that none of my friends or family participate in, a thing all my own. 

You know, when God asks us to do something, his motive is always to give us rest THROUGH it. That’s his goal. The way he accomplishes rest in us is by us totally relying on him as we do it, as we live it. The important thing is seeing the tools he’s providing us to walk that out. 

I wanted to check out this group when Donna invited me, but the day came and I was not feeling it. I was literally vomiting all day, not from illness, from a bad cluster headache, but I was determined. There’s something about keeping your word that is so reflective of the faithfulness of Jesus, that I’ve made it my mission to really hold myself to my word. I told her I would check it out and I wasn’t going to let how I felt stop that. 

When is that time you had an opportunity to further your dream or passion, and when the day came, you just weren’t feeling it? Where were you when you said, ‘that seems like it would be good for me, but I want to relax instead’? My encouragement this week is to not let your feelings rule anymore. When we choose to live a life of faith in Jesus that is choosing to live based on the unseen. So when God asks you to do something, then you ask for ways to walk that out, don’t ignore his divine opportunities. Even if you’re obeying, be aware that he wants to provide ways for you to rest in your obedience, to bring you new avenues of pleasure.

For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.”

Phil. 2:13 KJV


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