I’ve shared a lot about obedience over the last couple years because that really is the only thing that makes are actions valuable. When we obey because of love, our actions go from deeds of the flesh to works of faith. (See 1 Cor. 13, James 2)

I started this blog in obedience but have battled inconsistency from the start! My last post was April of this year, but I feel like I’ve had a grace because I have still been writing. I’ve been writing my testimony in book form, a task I was commissioned with more than two years ago. Well I’ve finally completed the first draft and am in the editing process.

You’d think I was writing a full length novel, but it is far from that! Right now it is 8 simple chapters of moments in my past that Jesus has shaped into my present. It’s so freeing to be walking in obedience with this because it seemed like I constantly had something lingering over my head when I wasn’t working on it. That wasn’t God making me feel that way, it was my own disobedience creating a wedge.

Sometimes we blame satan for the struggles we are facing when in reality it’s either our flesh or conviction. But the more sensitive you become to the things of the Spirit the more aware you become of your own lack of follow through. Other times we are just so wrapped up in ourselves that we just go through the Christian motions and think we’re okay. But really all our actions are just deeds because we aren’t bothering to listen to the Holy Spirit or ask his perspective on the matter. Instead we ask him why he isn’t fixating the problem that we created in the first place.

We do have an enemy who wants to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10) every one of us that poses a threat to his diabolical plans. Sometimes he terrorizes people who don’t pose a threat just because they don’t know any better so he can. When the greater one lives on the inside of you (1 John 4:4) and you’re getting beat up, it’s because you need to look up.

I’m not saying that you necessarily did something wrong, but I am saying that the more you look at Jesus, regardless of your circumstance, you’ll have unexplainable strength.

Here’s the deal: Jesus is light, when you invite him to be your Lord and savior, you become of that light (John 8:12). If you aren’t shining bright it’s either because you’ve put a shade of sin on, or you have a blindfold on. The shade of sin is caused by knowing what you ought to do and then not doing it (James 4:17). The blindfold is from allowing the enemy to keep you from looking (see 2 Cor. 4:4, Eph. 1:18) at the truth, who is Jesus (John 14:6), and staying focused on the problem. Either way, a change in perspective is the solution.

The amazing thing is that when we look to him he hears us, sees us, answers us, and we in turn can hear, see, and answer him with obedience. Then that obedience brings the blessing of being near him! (See Ps. 34:8, 17; Deut. 28)

Once I publish the nearly polished “Victory Journal”, I’ll post a link on here and instructions on how to get your own copy!

Thanks for reading:) Jesus loves you and so do I!


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