I just got back from an amazing weekend! I had the esteemed privilege of being invited to share in a mini-session at Winning Women for Christ Retreat at Epworth by the Sea on St. Simon’s Island, GA. This ministry touches generations of women at an annual event that has been taking place for decades. I met a woman who, at 90 years old, was attending for her 40th year.

I just have to share about my experience there for several reasons. One, because I haven’t posted anything in FAR too long and I told all the ladies about my blog. Two, because this event and these women so impacted my life and it’s worth writing about. Three, I want to give each of the ladies I met this weekend that check out this blog to get a special shout out and have a momento to connect with here.

I have to say that this was definitely a stretching opportunity for me to be involved in an interdenominational event. The Lord put on my heart nearly 4 years ago to start interceding for unity in the body of Christ. I have made friendships with those in ministry from churches in my area and have attended their special prayer and worship events. The difference with this weekend is that all of us came from very diverse backgrounds and traditions. For me, that was a little challenging to adjust to, being completely honest. The amazing part though, was the zero judgement, full acceptance, love of Christ that was displayed but every single woman there.

Even though my worship looked and sounded different then a lot of those around me, I was encouraged with kind words and was told that I was being the encouragement.

Then I got to teach two mini-sessions and was able to address nearly half the women in attendance of the event. I am so grateful to be honored in such a way.

It was truly beautiful to teach a lesson to daughters of the Most High who are so hungry to know him and so welcoming of our Holy Spirit to have his way.

The two sessions were themed in concordance with the title “Arise Shine, like precious gems” but the content and overarching message was quite different.

Holy Spirit taught us that we all have gifts inside us more valuable than precious gems. As he reveals those gifts and we begin to honor him and him alone, we become a reflective surface for his glory to shine in the earth. Where in session one, Holy Spirit ministered along the lines of seeking him to reveal those gifts, session two was more about those knowing their gifts but needing to fully surrender them for the glory of God and not ourselves.

On top of all that amazingness, I had the honor of bringing encouragement to some mom’s whose daughters were traveling paths I’d once traversed. Every time I get to glorify God with my life testimony of him turning my terrible choices into a life devoted to him, I am blessed. If any of you ladies are reading this, I love you and am eternally grateful for your love and hunger for Jesus and people!


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  1. As Katelan’s mother, I am very proud of you Kate. God is working mightily in you and through you. This is just the beginning of your journey with God! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Love you sweetie ❤️

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