This is a time of transition in the body of Christ. People, groups, and churches are being positioned, transitioned, and poised for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the earth that has begun. Change and transition can bring turmoil and upset but heed the voice of God in this time. Do not allow the transition the Lord is directing to make room for the counter attack the enemy tries to bring with it. This repositioning has many parts unknown to you but they will not stay unknown if your knowing stays firmly planted in the Word of Truth and your identity in Christ.

Look back to the time before this transition for you began. Who did you know yourself to be? How did you identify in daily life?

For me, I was in total assurance that I am a Child of God, that I am firmly planted in his foundation of the Holy Spirit in me endowing me with power from on High. I knew that the Lord was transforming me into his image and growing the characteristics and qualities of his nature within me. I knew that I was about to be a wife and become one with another. I knew that I was a teacher, a leader, a writer, and one called to a big thing. I knew I was steadfast in the faith and I would not be shaken.

Transition shifts things though. If you don’t truly have your identity in Christ and faith then circumstantial transition can impact how you operate.

God has really been showing me how many areas of my faith were really just hope in circumstance. When circumstances were changing, other factors of my faith and identity began to come into question for me. That’s when I was relying on circumstance and that simply will not do.

Our church started a discipleship and membership program that helps believers find their place within the body and in life. After days of personality assessments and giftings analysis, I felt confused and concerned. I was so confident in my identity at the start of this year and now I couldn’t even answer a questionnaire consistently. Those are great tools that can pinpoint traits in you that might not otherwise be recognized and help you see the value in your strengths as well as highlighting the work areas. I am very analytical and ALWAYS self evaluate, so those kinds of activities can get dangerous for me when I don’t come at it from the right place.

It’s saying I’m this, and I can see those traits, but I feel like I’m more than one, sometimes, it just depends where I’m at and the dynamic I’m in. Who am I really?When I came to that point it dawned on me. I know who I am! What kind of place am I allowing myself to go to? I know where I belong and who I belong to. I know who I’m not anymore and the qualities that God has grown in me that didn’t used to be a part of me at all. I know the gifts that I flow in because it’s the places I naturally thrive in and enjoy. I know that I am a leader who likes to see things get done. But I also know that God has developed a servant’s heart in me from my desire to be more like him and to become a better leader. I know that because I have meditated on the Love of God, he has given me a compassion and love for people that simply did not exist once upon a time. I know that I would rather see things get done than toil over all the details but the way the Lord does everything in excellence drives me to look at the details. I know that my administrative gives aid my passion for leading by organizing those under me and all the pieces needed to facilitate.

In all I know who I am and who God is by how he transforms me. Honestly we are in a constant state of transition when it comes to serving God with our life because we go from glory to glory. My encouragement is to continuing seeking God in the changing circumstances so the circumstances don’t change you!


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