Do you not see? Have you not heard? I am the one who takes away the sins of the world. – Jesus

Maybe you have “asked Jesus into your heart”, but don’t know much else about what it is to be saved. So, I want to answer the question of what it means to have your sins taken away; to be wiped clean of your iniquity. And also what it means to live in salvation.

The Bible talks about sin, transgression, and iniquity all being wiped away from us permanently by the blood of Jesus (Psalm 65:3, 85:2, Matt. 26:28). In looking deeper, I wanted to define each of these.

“All wrongdoing is sin” says 1 John 5:17 so that’s very straight forward. Do wrong and you’ve sinned. Now, the Greek word translated transgression means a rebellion against God, an individual, or a nation. Where sin is a simple wrong, transgression is something committed against. Interesting, right? Well I thought so. But look at how the English word iniquity is defined: immorally or grossly unfair behavior. Woah! The Greek follows suit with describing it as perversity and depravity.

Because the human mind is limited and trained by society to gauge wrongdoing it’s easy to see the vast degrees of what God says he wipes us clean from. He knew it wouldn’t be enough to say I free you from everything; all wrong has been made right. He caterers to our human condition even though all sin separates us from him, he broke it down using specific words. Words that we would know just how much we are loved. So loved that Jesus came and took all our junk upon his perfect self. ALL is the key word there. If you say, “Jesus thank you for saving me”, then don’t believe that he took away your shame, that’s acting as though he didn’t do anything. God is unconditional (1 Cor. 13), so when he says all, nothing will be excluded from that. God is complete, lacking nothing.

Seeing now how much is taken away, how much you’ve been delivered from, now let’s see what promises come with salvation. We are promised eternity ( John 3:16). We are promised righteousness (Rom. 9:30). We are promised a hope and a future (Jer. 29:11). We are given sonship (1 John 3:1). Okay, so we are wiped of every wrong, pain, hurt, and fallacy, then we are given a life unlike anything this world offers. We are provided with everything needed and wanted for living in excellence in this world and the next. Then we are given a simply displayed instruction manual.

Looks here like we are given everything and the way to get it all working in our lives. Great! Where is the confusion then?

All this of course being obtained by faith for that is how we receive salvation (Rom. 10:10). Faith is how we receive righteousness. Faith is how to please God (Heb. 11:6). Just believe. For when you just believe, God is able then to fulfill his word. If you doubt then you can’t expect to receive anything from God because he isn’t in doubt (James 1). God isn’t in what isn’t a part of him. Be in belief to be in God.

Is doubt your challenge? Or maybe lack of knowledge? Just know that the more you know the more secure you are in what you believe.

My encouragement is that we cannot think that salvation is a ticket to heaven and that’s it. Salvation is a lifestyle choice to live life the Jesus way instead of the you way. Everyday is a choice to love and look for Jesus. If you are saved and haven’t been living that way, start right now and don’t stop. If you’ve never received salvation, right now out loud say “Jesus I believe you are for me and I want you.” Then get a Bible and start reading. The Book of John is a good place to start because he knew love and he knew Jesus.

Don’t miss out on the life God has planned for you by thinking you’ve got it figured out!


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