Divine appointments. Ever had any? I can most assuredly answer for you with an emphatic YES! We go places and God sets up the right people to meet us and provide exactly what we’ve been asking for. We have undoubtedly gone another way, one out of the norm and missed a catastrophic event either knowingly or by what we call happenstance. God has orchestrated it all! We don’t get lucky. “In their heart a man plans their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” Prov. 16:9

The word also tells us that before we were formed God wrote down our lives (Psalm 139: 16), meaning he watched our lives and recorded it in his book. There is no time or distance in the spirit so he knows the end from the beginning because he is infinite and has already seen it all.

Because he is all knowing, omniscient, then I think he might have a few pointers on how to do this thing called life, and to do it well.

We’re taking about appointments. I mentioned a few scenarios of divine appointments that we may not have been intentionally aiming for, yet God still intervened to help us.

There’s another kind of divine appointment though. The kind that you actually show up to on purpose. Do you make an appointment with the doctor and then go about your week and just assume you’ll make it there without trying or intentioning? If you do then you are an utter fool, no offense. Why then if that is such a clearly foolish notion, do we treat appointments with God like that?

“God, I am going to read the Bible for 30 minutes before bed every night.” Then you stay up watching a dumb show then crawl into bed with barely enough foresight to turn the light off before you pass out. Same goes for those morning devotionals, or the times you ask God to use you then ignore the homeless man on the corner asking for money.

These are appointments WE set up. I’m not saying I’m great at this either, but I’m aware and aim at the face of Jesus everyday so change can happen. That’s what I’m doing for you, making you aware, so you too can seek the change God would so thoroughly enjoy doing in you and me.

The appointments we make are often inspired by the Holy Spirit planting desire within us to meet with Jesus. When we feel convinction to get up earlier to pray (definitely talking to myself right now), he is telling us that he wants to tell us and show us things in that exact moment. When we don’t make our appointment we can miss what he had for us that day. Some things can be rescheduled but others were to equip you for a specific encounter that day but you missed it. Don’t hope those appointments you’re missing are the kind that can be rescheduled. Gleen motivation from the knowledge that you could miss something and the desire that you don’t want to.

All throughout the Bible we are shown that God ordains specific times, places, and seasons for everything he wants accomplished. Don’t think his specificity is limited to the big picture. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecc. 3:1

Don’t miss your appointment!


One thought on “Time

  1. Amen!! How cool I just posted this before Bible study went several people gave testimony of exactly this! He is so good! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing about our Gift! ❤️Linda Sent from my iPhone



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