Busy, Busy

FullSizeRender (7)We’ve all got something important to do, somewhere to be, someone to meet. Personally, I really enjoy being busy. Some find it stressful, but I find satisfaction in it. I believe that satisfaction is the very reason I am not busy now. We will get to that, but since busy looks different for each of us let me show you what I mean.

For a typical 40 hour work week: Get up at 6:30 am, pray and read the Word for 45 minutes, get ready for work (dressed, packed lunch, grab makeup to put on in the car) in 15 minutes when you should have gotten up at 6 and taken 45 minutes! Don’t speed on the way to work and get there just in time. Enjoy the morning, but anticipate that lunch hour. Take 15 minutes to eat and 45 to get in the word and worship. Don’t work quite as hard the rest of the day, maybe even get some homework done (when you’re taking college classes and working full time). Make sure that in the 15 minutes you took to get ready this morning that you remembered a change of clothes and extra food for dinner, because you head straight from work to whatever church activity is going on that night that you volunteer for and have to be early to. Have a great time with friends and family who share your beliefs and lifestyle. Get home after 9 pm, wash the dishes from two days ago, take a shower, read some of the book telling the ways to hear from the Holy Spirit, pray, and be asleep around 10:30. Then do it all over again. And on the weekends, plan every possible fun thing you can jam in between laundry and cleaning the house so you don’t feel time is wasted.

Now, I’m sure whether you can relate or not, many of you might be thinking, well it seems like God is fitting into the day, so what’s the problem? If this is where you’re at, let me ask you, whose day is it?

Is it your day in the first place, or did God create it and give it to you to glorify him in?

Don’t get me wrong, we all have different seasons and there may be times when there doesn’t seem like enough time in the day to accomplish everything that God is asking of you. But let’s stop and evaluate as Paul instructs in Galatians 6:4 to let “each one examine his own work”. Are we really so busy because of all God has us doing or is it that he is simply being fit into the busy life we create?

At first, my life fit into the first of these two scenarios. Because of where my choices brought me, God needed me to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time to get life on his track. Once I got on his track, I started creating busyness because I liked feeling accomplished. I’m going to tell you that that is a very dangerous place to be for Paul warned the Romans “not to think more highly of [themselves] than [they] ought.” 

I learned in the busyness how God makes a way when there is none. When our eyes stay on him there’s always time for everything he wants. Maybe that’s just the lesson he is IMG_0510showing you today. To keep your eyes on him in the midst of all the activity. But maybe your with me and right now, I’m not busy (by my standards). I believe that in the NOT busy time is where he is calling me to be more like him. By allowing him to train my ear to his Holy Spirit’s voice, so that every literal step I take is guided and prompted by him. In that, God is showing me that satisfaction must come from him, not what I’m doing. 

Take this as the time to give your time,(the time that is a gift) back to God. This is the day to give to Him. Allow him to determine your steps (Psalm 37:23) instead of taking steps that fulfill your plan and asking God to bless them. Do you not see that when you take his steps they are already blessed?

I’m not saying that you need to quit your job/school or neglect your commitments. Just don’t be opposed to God directing your steps and bringing you to a closer place in him. Don’t oppose his perfect plan because you have a really good one you think you can make happen if you just get all this stuff done.(Prov.16:9)


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