I’m just not there yet. You are way too spiritual for me. I’m glad that works for you, but I’m good where I’m at. Those just aren’t my convictions. The list of responses I’ve heard from Christians goes on when having discussions about lifestyle. With that in mind, I want to talk about how easy … More Ponder

Live it

We’ve talked about our words and how important and powerful our words are. It’s one thing to say something and another thing to believe what you’re saying. Believing what you are saying is made evident in your actions. We’ve talked about action in reference to self-discipline, now I’d like to attach it to lifestyle. Living … More Live it

Stay Strong

I must ask for your forgiveness for my lack of posts recently. Simply put I allowed weariness to settle in me. No excuses, just improvements! I attended #Jesus17 over the weekend and am quite refreshed. Some of what we’ll discuss this week will be what was imparted in that time. Because of the challenge of … More Stay Strong